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Celebrating the Stories of BC Workers and Their Unions

British Columbia has a rich and vibrant labour history. Yet, all too often the experiences of working people and their contributions individually and collectively to the building of this province are overlooked. Streets, buildings and bridges tend to be named after entrepreneurs or politicians and yet we know that much of what we have today in BC came from the sweat, toil and often sacrifice of the men and women who laboured in the fields, forests, mines, mills, schools, hospitals, offices and every other workplace that we have. Without working people, there simply would not be the British Columbia we know today.

The Labour Heritage Centre has initiated a number of projects, some with partners in the broader community and some with the many unions we work with to highlight the contributions of the women and men from all ethnic backgrounds and from our Aboriginal communities who have made an immeasurable social and economic contribution to building and sustaining British Columbia. And one cannot look at these many contributions of working people without also considering their unions, the democratic institutions they established to represent their specific workplace interests as well as the broader social wellbeing of their communities and their province.

That is why the BC Labour Heritage Centre is committed to projects and partnerships that celebrate the stories of BC workers and their unions.


Ken Novakowski, Chair
Joey Hartman, Vice-Chair
Al Cornes, Secretary-Treasurer

Mike Clarke
Bob Dhaliwal
Aaron Ekman
Amber Hockin
Michelle Laurie
Brooke Sundin
Annette Toth

Robin Folvik
Bailey Garden
Donna Sacuta



Founding Chair
J.J. (Jack) Munro, Chair