Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans for the Social Justice 12 Labour Studies course:

Lesson Plans

Introduction and Overview
Lesson 1: Good Jobs Needed
Lesson 2:  Where Do You Stand?
Lesson 3: The Folks Who Brought You the Weekend
Lesson 4:  Trade Unions and Social Justice
Lesson 5: Factory Simulation
Lesson 6: History of the Labour Movement in BC
Lesson 7: Case Study of the Big Strike
Lesson 8: Workers and the Law
Lesson 9: Labour Leaders
Lesson 10: Labour on Screen
Lesson 11: Social Justice, Workers, and the Global Economy
Lesson 12: Globalizing Solidarity
Lesson 13: Labour Songs
Appendix: Labour Terms

Lesson Plans for teachers to accompany the Working People Film Series.

Lesson Plans







Lesson PlansWorkSafeBC/BC Labour Heritage Centre historical video series. This page also contains links to lesson plans to accompany the videos in this series.

“These Were the Reasons” Lesson Plan for Teachers:

Lesson PlansA lesson plan has also been developed to accompany the video “These Were the Reasons: Stories of Union Organizing in British Columbia”

Introduction to Labour History Lesson Plan for Teachers

Introduction to Labour History: Lesson PlansTwo activities: a short discussion about the depiction of workers in history, and participants asked to consider some of the victories in social justice that came about largely through the work of the labour movement.

Links to these lesson plans are on the Working People Series page.

Lesson Plans:  Workplace Health & Safety

Lesson PlansAsbestos Case Study: Participants will gather a historical perspective of asbestos exposure in BC. Participants will consider the continuing legacy of asbestos dangers for workers and their families. Participants will discuss future directions for asbestos production in Canada.


Lesson PlansHealth and Safety in the Workplace-Babine Lake: Participants will review the Burns Lake mill tragedy by analyzing each of the positions taken by the employer (Babine Forest Products and Hampton Affiliates), and a government agency (WorkSafeBC) after the incident. Participants will compare the Burns Lake Mill and Lakeland Mill explosions and fires both of which destroyed the respective sawmills within a three-month period. Participants will offer their view on the lessons learned in this historical case study of workplace health and safety.

Lesson PlansHealth and Safety in the Workplace Case Study-Stave Lake Quarry: Participants will identify occupational health and safety concerns at the Stave Lake Quarry leading to the untimelydeath of a new and inexperienced worker. Participants will make their own connections with occupational health and safety concerns in the Stave Lake Quarry death with those in their own workplaces. Participants will evaluate the role of the Criminal Code of Canada in establishing a safe and healthy workplace.