The Labour History Project: Curriculum for BC Schools


The Labour History curriculum initiative is a partnership between the BC Labour Heritage Centre and the BC Teachers’ Federation. The project working group consists of 15 active and retired teachers who develop and promote teaching materials that highlight the role of working women and men in the social, economic and political development of BC. Many of these resources also identify basic rights of workers, including the right to a safe and healthy workplace. The work of the partnership between the BCLHC and the BCTF has been supported by the BC Federation of Labour and the SFU Labour Studies Program.

Teachers involved in the project have produced the materials available on this site and each year conduct workshops in various parts of the province to assist teachers in accessing and using these materials in the classroom. They continue to work on developing new resources and to find ways and means of reaching students with the message that not only is important to understand where the role of their parents and grandparents in shaping our province but also the future role they will play as workers in the changing world of work.



(Click the above image to access the 30 high quality video vignettes and corresponding course material)


Labour History Curriculum working group

Ken Novakowski, retired teacher, chair of the Labour Heritage Centre

Wayne Axford, retired Burnaby teacher

Sarah Purdy, Burnaby teacher

Tony Arruda, Nanaimo teacher

Janet Nichol, Vancouver teacher

Marcy Toms, retired Vancouver teacher

Gavin Hainsworth, Surrey teacher

Scott Parker, retired Burnaby teacher

Robin Folvik, Labour Heritage Centre researcher

Dan Blake, retired Surrey teacher

Suzie Mah, Vancouver teacher

Ellen Ellis, retired Nanaimo teacher

John Decaire, Burnaby teacher

Shanee Prasad, Burnaby teacher

Al Cornes, retired teacher, Board Member of the Labour Heritage Centre

Labour History Project