Other Videos

“The Surrey Teachers’ Strike of 1974”  BC Labour Heritage Centre produced video, 2017.

Run time: 8:28


“These were the reasons…” Stories of Union Organizing in British Columbia
Run time – 26:24

Asbestos: The Silent Killer
Run time – 26:27
Produced by USW Local 480, this video tells the tragic story of asbestos in British Columbia. From miracle material to silent killer, the effects of asbestos exposure continues to plague workers throughout BC and worldwide.

A Struggle to Remember Fighting for our families
Run time – 20:38
In 1981, members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW STTP) stood up for the rights of women and families across Canada, eventually winning 17 weeks of paid maternity leave, the first federal union to do so. This victory paved the way for better parental leave for all Canadians. Watch this documentary to learn more about this national struggle.

50 Years in Solidarity, CUPE BC
Run time – 27:20

For Twenty Cents a Day, Working TV
Run time – 24:16

Common Cause: The Story of the Operation Solidarity Coalition
Run time – 52:30

Turning Point, BCGEU
Run time – 27:34

Jack Munro Memorial Video
Run time – 8:58