Our Publications

Our Publications

We have published booklets with the stories behind some of the plaques installed in locations around BC as part of our Plaques Around The Province Project.  Click on the photos below to read more.

Terrace Teachers’ Strike, 1981

British Columbia’s public school teachers didn’t achieve the right to strike until 1987—but that didn’t stop them from walking off the job.  In fact teachers across the province have engaged in several disputes since the BC Teacher’s Federation was established in 1917, all playing an essential role toward gaining full collective bargaining rights.   Among these actions was the teachers’ strike in Terrace in 1981.   It was the fourth—but not final—time BC teachers would participate in an “illegal” walk out.



 Coal Creek Mine Disaster: April 5, 1917

Anyone familiar with the early history of coal mining in the Crowsnest Pass and Elk Valley knows that loss of life through accidents and explosions is a distressingly persistent strand of that history. Estimates vary, but the number of men killed while employed by mining companies in the region is at least 500.

The disaster at Coal Creek in 1917 is but one tragedy amongst many and has been overshadowed by others resulting in greater loss of life. However, it is the one disaster that led directly to a strike entirely concerned with a demand for safer working conditions. – Wayne Norton, “Coal Creek Mine Disaster 1917”



Victoria 1919: Canada’s First Teachers’ Strike

This article, written by Tony Arruda, describes the 1919 strike by Victoria teachers, the first of its kind in Canada.  The “stern and unyielding” teachers served as models of fortitude par excellence to their pupils and colleagues, and to future generations of teachers.


 Surrey Teachers 1974

A brief article by Peter Thomson, originally printed in Teacher Newsmagazine
May/June 2000, Vol. 12, No. 7



Blair Rifle Range

Original research by Donna Sacuta that uncovered the little known history of one of the National Defence Unemployed Relief Camps in North Vancouver during the 1930s.




1939-1940: The Langley Affair

Ken Novakowski’s article on 40 Langley teachers
led by Connie Jervis who took on their school board and other
community leaders in their struggle to have an arbitrated salary
award implemented.

Originally published in Teacher newsmagazine
Vol. 24, No. 5, March 2012



Howard Webb

A leader of the Central Interior International Woodworkers of America (IWA), Howard Webb is profiled by Rob-Roy Douglas.