Day of Mourning: BC Schools Project

Day of Mourning: BC Schools Project



The Day of Mourning is a day to reflect on those we’ve lost and to inform young workers of our commitment to creating safer workplaces for everyone.

Since 1991, when Parliament passed the Mourning Day Act, The National Day of Mourning has been an officially recognized event jointly endorsed by government, labour and employers.

The Day of Mourning BC Schools Project is a joint partnership of BC Federation of Labour, BC Teachers’ Federation, BC Labour Heritage Centre, and WorkSafeBC. This project has additionally been endorsed by CUPE BC, BC Schools Trustees’ Association, and BC Principals’ & Vice-Principals’ Association.

See a full project description here.


Resources for the Day of Mourning Schools Project are targeted for students who are currently young workers (AGE 15 TO 24) or about to be young workers.  Materials are designed for secondary students but can easily be adapted to the intermediate level.

It is intended that the program will be phased in over time.  We request that all participating schools complete the school information sheet below so your school’s name can be added to the “Count My School In Campaign” and added to the BC Labour Heritage Centre web page.



A) COUNT MY SCHOOL IN” PRINT & RESOURCE PACKAGE – contains the following materials:


(Deadline March 20, 2017 —orders will also be taken at the BCTF AGM, March 18, 19, 20)

If you missed this deadline, please download materials using the links in Section B (below)

Distribution restricted to one package per school.

English Print Package contains:

  • 20 per school — 11” x 17” DOM Posters (Spouse & Children Laying Flowers) (English)
  • 20 per school — 11” x 17” DOM Posters (2017 Lone Mourner on Bridge) (English)
  • 1 per school — Procedure Sheet with 7 step suggested procedure
  • 1 per school — PA Announcement Guide & Principal Script (English)
  • 1 per school — Fact Sheet (stats on young worker injuries & fatalities)
  • 1 per school — Cover Memo
  • 1 postcard per student
  • DOM decals/stickers (approximately 1 for every 2 students – new, easy-to-remove adhesive this year)
  • 10 per school — Alive After 5 Booklets for use with Young Worker Training Program
  • 10 wallet cards per school (BC Federation of Labour)– Refusing Unsafe Work
  • 1 USB memory stick containing Matthew Bowcott video
  • Matthew Bowcott Profile & Video Questions

French/English Package (in production) contains:

Same as English Package, except for the following materials:

  • 20 per school– 11″ x 17″ DOM Mourning Poster (Spouse & Children Laying Flowers) (French)
  • 1 per school — Student PA Announcements Leading Up to DOM (French)
  • 1 per school — Principal Script for Use On the Day of Mourning (French)


If you missed the registration deadline and would still like your school to participate, most materials can be downloaded online below. Please email if you use these materials in your classroom, as we would like to track student engagement.

(Click on underlined items to access materials)

  • DOM 2017 lone mourner on bridge poster 8 ½” x 11”  11” x 17” (English only)
  • DOM MOURNING mother/children poster 8 ½” x 11”   11” x 17” (English)
  • DOM MOURNING mother/children poster 8 ½” x 11”   11” x 17” (French)


 (preview recommended before screening at your school to determine age appropriate suitability)
If video streaming is not preferable or possible at your school, feel free to download video here.