Oral History Project


The BCLHC aims to preserve and expand the knowledge of the important role of workers in the history of British Columbia. To further our goals, we are interviewing people around the province to document their experiences of work and participation in the labour movement.

The Oral History Project has two main focuses:

  1. Conducting, collecting, and ultimately creating a general directory of oral history interviews focused on the histories of working people and their unions in British Columbia.
  2. Providing an Oral History Workshop to unions/union members, along with an accompanying Oral History Guide [available to the public online].

The Oral History Project will begin conducting interviews with working people involved in the history of British Columbia in March, 2016. The Project has a short list of individuals which it is currently pursuing interviews with. Suggestions to the Project for potential future interview subjects are welcomed.

The Workshop

The BCLHC Oral History Workshop is designed to provide unions, labour groups, and other groups of working people with the basic tools of oral history research, as well as the confidence to use them. It takes a straight-forward, easy-to-follow approach, and encourages participants to consider creating their own oral history projects. It also provides hands-on experience with developing questions, recording short “practice” interviews, and addressing potential issues with this style of research.

Groups interested in organizing a workshop can contact the Oral History Project using the form below. The project will provide a response and details by email. If you are an individual interested in the workshop, you can contact the project directly at oralhistory@labourheritagecentre.ca.

Participants will be provided with a 10-page, interactive guide that accompanies the workshop, along with several accompanying materials. This guide is also available as a downloadable PDF file.


The Guide

Unions, union locals, or individuals can use this guidebook to assist in the undertaking of their own oral histories. The guidebook provides a basic introduction to oral history interviews, guiding the reader through the process – including everything needed to know before, during, and after an oral history interview. The guidebook also provides a list of existing oral history resources which may be used by the reader to expand their knowledge on this subject.

Workshop & Guide Created By: Bailey Garden

Contact the Oral History Project at oralhistory@labourheritagecentre.ca

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