Oral History Interviews

Oral History Interviews

Short interviews on major events in BC labour history
(Each interview is 10-30 minutes in length):

SERIES #1: Miner’s Memorial Weekend 2016

The BC Labour Oral History Project hosted a “Listening Booth” as part of the 31st Annual Miner’s Memorial Weekend in 2016, in partnership with the Cumberland Museum & Archives. We captured the memories and stories of 19 individuals, who recalled their personal involvement with the labour movement and Cumberland’s Miner’s Memorial Weekend. 
Click on the interviewee’s photo to listen to their personal oral history interview (audio only).

Brian Charlton
Bruce Stout
Yeje “Smokey” Dimni
Meagan Cursons
Aaron Eckman
Florence Bell
Sy Peterson
Serena Patterson
Marianne Bell
Steven Harvey
Ann Davis
Frank Carter
Ken and Joan Boxall
Melissa Roth
Neil Vokey
Susan Stout
Gordon Shephard

SERIES #2: Surrey Teachers’ Strike of 1974

On February 15th, 2017, the BC Labour Heritage Centre and the Surrey Teachers’ Association unveiled a bronze plaque in Surrey, BC commemorating the 1974 STA Walk-out & Strike, as a part of our Plaques Around the Province Project. 5 individuals who played a role in the historic 1974 walk-out were interviewed by the Oral History Project, and clips from these interviews were used to produce an 8 minute video describing the events.

SERIES #3: Kitimat Wildcat Strike of 1976

The BC Labour Heritage Centre and UNIFOR unveiled a bronze plaque commemorating the 1976 CAIMAW Wildcat Strike in Kitimat, BC on November 17, 2016, as a part of our Plaques Around the Province Project. The Oral History Project used this opportunity to interview a series of 5 individuals who were directly involved in the 1976 strike.

SERIES #4: Terrace Teachers’ Strike of 1981

The Terrace & District Teachers Union commemorated their 1981 strike in a bronze plaque, unveiled in 2017 as a part of our Plaques Around the Province Project. In November 2016, we conducted short interviews with 4 individuals who participated in the 1981 job action.



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