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Preserving Oral History at Miners’ Memorial Weekend

Posted on June 20, 2016 by lhc

Cumberland, BC – The village of Cumberland has a strong history of working people, which is honoured each year during the Miner’s Memorial Weekend. This year, the BC Labour Heritage Centre helped to preserve the memories and stories of workers by hosting an Oral History Workshop and Listening Booth as part of the weekend’s events.

The Listening Booth was a joint project of the BCLHC and the Cumberland Museum & Archives, in which participants were invited to have their stories recorded in a short, oral history style interview. (more…)

Saint Joe: Plaque Unveiling for Labour Hero and Mentor at Miner’s Memorial Weekend

Posted on June 16, 2016 by lhc

If Ginger Goodwin was a martyr, Joe Naylor was a saint. (more…)

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The BC Labour Heritage Centre Society preserves, documents and presents the rich history of working people in British Columbia. We engage in partnerships and projects that help define and express the role that work and workers have played in the evolution of social policy and its impact on the present and future of the province.