Other history videos

“The Surrey Teachers’ Strike of 1974” (2017)

Produced by the BC Labour Heritage Centre, this video tells the story of the one day Surrey Teachers’ strike in 1974 that had a profound effect on public education across the province.


“The 1981 Terrace Teachers’ Strike” (2017)

Produced by the BC Labour Heritage Centre, this video tells the story of The Terrace & District Teachers Union 1981 strike with interviews from people who were there. The strike achieved a personnel practices agreement, an important achievement for teachers province-wide on the path to full collective bargaining rights.


Day of Mourning the Untold Story, BC Fed Health & Safety Centre (2017)

Produced by the BC Federation of Labour Health and Safety Centre, this video describes the history behind the April 28 Day of Mourning for workers killed or injured on the job, which began in Canada and is now observed around the world.


50 Years in Solidarity, CUPE BC (2013)

A mini-documentary highlighting some of the many incredible achievements of CUPE BC over the last 50 years. Produced by CUPE BC in 2013.

“These were the reasons…” Stories of Union Organizing in British Columbia (2011)

Produced by Howie Smith and BC Overtime, this documentary is about the struggle of working people in BC to win basic union rights. Copyright.


Asbestos: The Silent Killer (2009)

Produced by USW Local 480, this video tells the tragic story of asbestos in British Columbia. From miracle material to silent killer, the effects of asbestos exposure continues to plague workers throughout BC and worldwide.


Turning Point (1993)

This video documents one of the most difficult periods in the history of the BCGEU. Drawing on archival footage and in-depth interviews, this production examines how the union has changed and matured to become an even stronger force for social change in B.C.


Common Cause: The Story of the Operation Solidarity Coalition (1984)

Produced in 1984 by Barna-Alper Productions, National Union of Provincial Government Employees and Operation Solidarity. This video tells to story of the 1983 Solidarity strike in BC.


For Twenty Cents a Day (1979)

A film documenting work shortages during the Depression of the 1930s and the attempts to deal with the unemployed, in particular young men. The film discusses the establishment of relief camps and projects, where men were paid twenty cents per day; the founding of organizations such as the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), Workers’ Unity League, and Relief Camp Workers’ Union; general unionization and protest of the unemployed, including the On To Ottawa Trek, Regina Riot, sit-in strike from May to June 1938 at the Vancouver Main Post Office, Vancouver Art Gallery and Hotel Georgia, and the resulting Bloody Sunday of June 19.