COVIDCOVID Chronicles: BC Labour’s Story 

The B.C. Labour Heritage Centre (BCLHC) has embarked on an exciting project entitled COVID Chronicles: Labour’s Story.  We want to  record first-hand accounts of BC’s working people during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The purpose of the project is to capture, expand and enrich history by documenting the current moment as it relates to unions, their members and how their work was impacted by the pandemic and the public health orders that were made. This is truly an historic time and when labour historians look back,  what would you like to tell them?

The project will run from July to December 2020.

Project Chair: Marie Decaire

Project Working Group: Bailey Garden, Donna Sacuta, Sharon Prescott, Al Cornes, Kari Michaels, Johanna den Hertog, Rod Mickleburgh, Joshua Berson, Carlos Carvalho


Community Savings Credit Union and allied organizations have joined forces to ensure all health care workers receive a fair wage all year round – not only during a pandemic. Click above to add your voice.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of WorkSafeBC to this project.