Labour History PSA

Labour History PSAThe Labour History Provincial Specialist Association (PSA) of the BC Teachers’ Federation was formed in 1976. The motivator and founding president was Frank Fuller, a teacher on the Sunshine Coast. Initial funding came from membership fees as well as grants from the BCTF and the Law in the Schools Project.

The original grant money was used to produce two slide shows: “Strike” and “These Were The Reasons” both with accompanying manuals for use by teachers.

Later, the Labour History PSA produced “For Twenty Cents a Day” in 16 mm format. A teaching manual was subsequently produced for use with this film.

The Labour History PSA journals were published from March, 1977 to early 1982, 10 issues in all. They included numerous articles on labour history as well as lesson ideas for use by teachers in their classrooms. They are a valuable source of labour history in British Columbia.

Denis Ottewell, an elementary teacher in Vancouver, was the other person to be president of the Labour History PSA . In 1983, the Labour History PSA ceased to exist and turned over its current assets to the BC Social Studies Teachers’ Association. These materials were digitized by the BC Teachers’ Federation in 2019.

10 Labour Myths

A teaching manual – Strike slide sound program 1977

A teaching manual – These were the reasons slide sound program 1977

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Fall 1977 newsletter

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