Bibliography of labour resources

Bibliography of labour resources

Sources for Researchers

Julia Smith, Ph.D., has prepared this valuable bibliography to guide those interested in learning more about BC labour history.

Download a PDF version:    Bibliography of primary and secondary sources.


Below is a list of journals that publish research on BC labour and working-class history:

BC Studies

– interdisciplinary journal devoted to the understanding of British Columbia

 Histoire Sociale/Social History

– historical journal focused on social history in a range of time periods and locations

International Labour and Working-Class History (ILWCH)

– comparative and cross-disciplinary journal focused on labour and working-class history in an international context

 Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas

– historical journal focused on a variety of issues related to the history of work and working people the professions

Labor History

– historical journal that publishes research on labour in all parts of the world and in a variety of time periods

Labour/Le Travail

– interdisciplinary journal primarily focused on the history of Canadian workers

Left History

– historical journal interested in a range of theoretical approaches and topics pertaining to the left

Pacific Northwest Quarterly

– historical journal focused on the northwestern United States and western Canada

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