“For Twenty Cents a Day” was produced by Colleen Bostwick (Fuller) and the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation Labour History Association in 1979. The film discusses the establishment of relief camps and projects during the 1930s, the founding of organizations such as the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), Workers’ Unity League, and Relief Camp Workers’ Union the On To Ottawa Trek, Regina Riot, sit-in strike from May to June 1938 at the Vancouver Main Post Office, Vancouver Art Gallery and Hotel Georgia, and the resulting Bloody Sunday of June 19. The film includes interviews with Syd Thompson, a participant in the On To Ottawa Trek and later a leader of the IWA Vancouver local, Steve Brodie, leader of the Vancouver sit-in, and poet Dorothy Livesay. Run-time 24:18.

“On to Ottawa” Directed by Sara Diamond, produced by the On to Ottawa Historical Society and The Women’s Labour History Project in 1992. The video is based upon the play written by Tom Hawken featuring his band, Trek participants Robert “Bobby” Jackson, Ray Wainwright and Jean Evans Sheils, daughter of Trek leader Arthur “Slim” Evans. Run-time 53:53.

“Bob Jackson Memorial” Working TV Episode 221, produced in 2000 by Julius Fisher. Includes highlights from memorials for Robert ‘Bobby’ Jackson. Jackson was a veteran of the On to Ottawa Trek in 1935, and became active in labour, political and social justice causes. Includes Gary Kobayashi, Sonny Rioux, Mona Morgan, Jack Geddes, Tom Hawken, Danielle Jackson, Roger Crowther and historical footage of Jackson. Run-time: 27:59.

“Launch of On to Ottawa website, April 4, 2002”. Featuring Dave Barrett, Frank Kennedy, Robert ‘Doc’ Savage, Joey Hartman. Musical performance by Doug Stewart, Tom Hawken and David Yorke. Julius Fisher production. Run-time: 3:56.

“On to Ottawa Trek 75th Anniversary, June 6, 2010”. Commemorative event at Crab Park, Vancouver. Includes Joey Hartman, David Yorke, Tom Hawken, Tim Stevenson, Jim Sinclair, Libby Davies, Jeri Sparrow, Am Johal, Ken Hoggarth.  Run-time: 27:29

“The Regina Riot”. A documentary by Ben Lies. Badlands Productions (2010) produced in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the On-to-Ottawa Trek. Run-time: 14:53.

On to Ottawa – part of Working People video series. (3:28)