Audrey Keely

Interviewed by Patricia Wejr and Bailey Garden

At the time of this interview, Audrey Keely was over 100 years of age. She spent her early life with her family in the Cariboo and shares some of those experiences and personal tragedies. She received formal education up to Grade 8, and then enrolled at Sprott Shaw College in Vancouver to learn bookkeeping and typing skills in exchange for office cleaning. Married twice, Audrey had four children. She was an active member of the Labour Progressive Party during the 1940s. She worked in administrative jobs with the International Woodworkers of America, Vancouver Civic Employees Union, Fishermen’s Union, Marine Workers Union. In later years she became an artist working in several mediums, and taught pottery and stained glass to other seniors at the Silver Harbour Centre in North Vancouver. Audrey Keely died on December 13, 2021; 3 months short of her 103rd birthday.

Keywords: Cariboo, North Vancouver, shipyards, CCF, Labour Progressive Party (LPP), Elmore Philpott, Nigel Morgan, IWA, Don Guys, Bruce Yorke, Homer Stevens, George Hewison, Sean Griffin, Hal Griffin, John Radosevic

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