Bill Zander

Interviewed by Sean Griffin and Dan Keeton

Bill Zander was born at home in the small town of Myrtle, Saskatchewan in 1934, but spent his childhood in Vancouver, B.C. He started working in a lumber mill after returning from the Royal Canadian Airforce, and became a plant representative with the IWA. He eventually became President of the Provincial Council of Carpenters.

Keywords: Agency surveillance and investigation; B.C. Federation of Labour [BC Fed]; BC and Yukon Territory Building and Construction Trades Council; B.C. Provincial Council of Carpenters; Building & Construction Trades; Canadian autonomy; Canadian Labour Congress [CLC]; Carpenter’s Union; Collective agreements; Communist Party of Canada; Injunctions; International trade union movement; International Woodworkers of America [IWA]; Labour education; Negotiating; Organizing; Right to Work; Royal Canadian Air Force [RCAF]; Socialism; Solidarity Movement [1983]; Trade unionism; Union newspapers

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