Carolyn Askew

August 23, 2017
Interviewed by Bailey Garden

Carolyn Askew was a lawyer and the first Legislative Counsel for the BC Federation of Labour, beginning in 1972. She explains she was one of only a few women law school graduates and women had difficulty getting articles with firms. In the late 1960s she established the Community Legal Assistance Society with Mike Harcourt and Ian Waddell. She taught at the People’s Law School. At the BC Fed, Askew was involved in establishing the first Women’s Committee. She offers recollections of behind the scenes meetings at the BC Fed. Later, she acted as a labour lawyer for various unions. Askew was involved in cases involving ex parte injunctions, hot declarations, organizing and certifications.

Keywords: BC Federation of Labour; Tom Berger; Peoples’ Law School; injunctions; Women’s Committee; Mike Harcourt; Community Legal Assistance Society; hot declarations; picketing; Operation Solidarity; NDP; women; Ray Haynes

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