Cathy Walker

Interviewee: Cathy Walker

Date: March 28, 2017

Location: Burnaby, BC

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Key Subjects: Anti-war movement; Asbestos; BC Federation of Labour [BC Fed]; Burnaby, BC; Canadian Association of Industrial, Machine and Allied Workers [CAIMAW]; Canadian Auto Workers [CAW]; Canadian Commonweath Federation [CCF]; Canadian Electrical Workers [CEW]; Canadian independent trade union movement; Canadian Union of Students [CUS]; Cascade Electronics; Chinese trade union movement; Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada [CEP]; Corrective Collective; Environmental issues; International trade unions; Labour Environmental Society; Labour Relations Board [LRB]; Lenkirk Electric [strike]; Machinists Union; New Democratic Party [NDP]; New Democratic Youth [NDY]; Occupational Health & Safety [OH&S]; Occupational hygiene; Ontario; Port Moody, BC; Sexism; Simon Fraser University [SFU]; Strikes; Students for a Democratic University; Student movement; Toxic Free Canada; Unifor; United Steelworkers [USW]; University of British Columbia; Vancouver, BC; Vancouver District Labour Council [VDLC]; Vietnam War; Voice of Women; Wildcat strikes; Women’s Caucus; Women’s liberation movement; Women’s rights movement; Worker’s Compensation Board;  Worker’s Occupational Health Centre; Workplace Health & Safety [WH&S]; World War II [WWII];

Cathy Walker was born in Vancouver and grew up in Burnaby. She became involved in the anti-war movement and student movement while at University, and became President of CAIMAW Local 1, going on to hold various positions at the regional and national level in CAW. She has since been involved in environmental and international trade union activism.