Des Nobels

Interviewed by Rod Mickleburgh

Des Nobels lived and worked in the fishing industry on the north coast of B.C. his entire adult life, from being a crew member to a vessel owner. He became active in the Northern Gillnetters’ Association in the 1980s, and later was president of Local 37 of the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union (UFAWU). He recounts his experiences on the water, fishing various species, as well as the numerous campaigns the union became involved in over licensing. He discusses the decline of the industry and the impact that has had on Prince Rupert. He describes his personal involvement in the Alaska ferry blockade in Prince Rupert in the mid-1990s.

Keywords: gillnetters; Prince Rupert; longlining; UFAWU; halibut; skate; Alaska; DFO; black cod; Native Brotherhood; ferry blockade; fish co-op; Dodge Cove

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