Jess Succamore

Interviewed by Sean Griffin and Ian McDonald

Jess Succamore arrived in Canada from England in 1952. He worked in a variety of jobs around British Columbia. He is best known for leading the campaign for independent Canadian unions. In this lengthy interview, Succamore recalls his relationships with many labour figures, strikes, organizing and internal disputes spanning more than five decades.

Jess Succamore died at the age of 90 on June 1, 2022

Keywords: Kitimat, IBEW, Phillips Cables, Lenkurt Electric, George Brown, Les McDonald, Canadian Electrical Workers Union, Tommy McGrath, CAIMAW, CASAW, CUTE, ICTU, CAW, CCU, Kent Rowley, Peter Cameron, Donna Pooghkay, Cathy Walker, John Gugulyn

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