John Radosevic

Interviewed by Sean Griffin

John Radosevic was born in Croatia (former Yugoslavia) before moving to Canada as a young boy. As a teenager he worked on an uncle’s ranch in Alberta and in the dangerous job of tie-up man in seine fishing in B.C. In 1971, he began working as an organizer for the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union (UFAWU). He later became a business agent, secretary-treasurer, and president of the union. When he retired after 34 years in the industry, he continued working on the Union Protein Project (formerly known as Protein for People). In this interview he recounts his experiences in many disputes and policy issues during his time in the fishing industry including the Aboriginal Fishing Strategy, the Mifflin Plan, and an investigation by the Combines Investigation Branch.

Keywords: Aboriginal Fishing Strategy; Action Caucus; Art Kube, BC Federation of Labour; Canadian Auto Workers (CAW); Combines Branch Investigation; Croatia; David Anderson; First Nations Fisheries; Food banks; Great Lakes fishermen; George Hewison; Homer Stevens; Jack Nicol; Jim Sinclair; Labour music; Mifflin Plan; North American Free Trade Agreement; Operation Solidarity; Prince Rupert 1997 Ferry Blockade; Protein for People; Organizing; Seining (fishing); Strikes; Trade unionism; Union Protein; United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union (UFAWU); Yugoslavia

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