Judy Cavanagh

Interviewed by Blair Redlin

In this wide-ranging and interesting interview, Blair Redlin asks Judy Cavanaugh to describe the experience and identify the important outcomes and lessons learned through the many working experiences in her life. She speaks succinctly, providing description and insights about her early administrative jobs, her university experiences as one of the SFU 18 arrested for their defence of AUCE Local 2, several years as a key organizer with the Canadian Farmworkers Union, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Co-operative Housing Federation, CUSO in Mozambique, a number of years and many positions in the B.C. public service which included multiple policy positions as well as Assistant Deputy Minister and Deputy Minister portfolios under five different Premiers, and a number of years and various positions and consultancies in Ghana, Malawi, Southern Sudan and Nigeria developing governance training programs and consulting on projects with the various governments. Back in Canada she briefly describes positions at Literacy B.C., the B.C. Federation of Labour, the Vancouver Cabinet Office, and a board position at Technical Safety B.C.

Keywords: B.C. Telephone Company; AUCE; SFU 18; John Fryer; Canadian Farmworkers Union; CFU; Co-operative Housing Federation; CUSO; Employment Standards Branch; Nisga’a; Assistant Deputy Minister; Deputy Minister; Mike Harcourt; Glen Clark; Dan Miller; Ujjal Dosanjh; John Horgan; Ghana; Malawi; Southern Sudan; Nigeria; Literacy B.C; B.C. Federation of Labour; Technical Safety B.C.

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