Kate Braid

Interviewed by Ken Bauder and Bailey Garden

Kate Braid is a carpenter and a poet, writing about her experiences as a female working in the male-dominated construction trades. She was born in Calgary, AB and was elected to the executive of the BC Regional Council of Carpenters.

Keywords: Al King; BC Institute of Technology [BCIT]; BC Regional Council of Carpenters; BC Federation of Labour [BC Fed]; Carpenter’s Union; Communist Party; Continuing Education [SFU]; Construction industry; Creative writing; Feminism; International Women’s Day [IWD]; Labour arts and culture; Labour education; Labour history; Labour school; Labour studies [faculty]; Malaspina University-College [now Vancouver Island University, VIU]; May Works [festival]; Oral history; Poetry; Politics; Sexual harassment; Simon Fraser University [SFU]; University of British Columbia [UBC]; Vancouver; Vancouver Island; Vancouver Industrial Writers Union; Women’s Committee [BC Fed]; Women in labour; Women’s rights; Women in trades; Women’s movement;

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