Ken Isomura

Interviewed by Patricia Wejr
August 1, 2018

Ken Isomura began working in the forest industry at 17. He credits growing up, living and working in Revelstoke with his later involvement in unions and community organizations because it gave him a sense of community. After relocating to the lower mainland, Isomura became financial secretary of IWA Local 1-357 (New Westminster). He was introduced to the United Way and eventually went to work for the labour participation program. He retired after 17 years with the United Way and continued to participate in the BC Federation of Retired Union Members (BC FORUM).

Keywords: Revelstoke; Celgar; bucker; skidder; logger; IWA; New Westminster; Gerry Stoney; United Way; contracting-out; union counseling; Operation Solidarity; Steelworkers; BC FORUM; labour council

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