Nick Carr

Interviewed by Sean Griffin

This is an audio-only interview with Nick Carr. Nick was born in Croatia (former Yugoslavia) before moving to Canada as a young boy, where he spent his career as a fisherman. He became President of Local 1 of the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union, and was a key player in the development of the union’s Benefit Fund. Nick Carr passed away in 2021.

Keywords: BC Federation of Labour; BC Packers; Benefit fund [UFAWU]; Boat Clearance Program; Canadian Fishing Company; Communism; Croatia; Drag fleet [fishing by trolling]; Fisheries; Fraser River; Gillnetting [fishing]; Homer Stevens; Ocean Falls [strike]; Organizing; Pacific Gillnetters Association; Picket lines; Reduction herring fishery; Roe herring fishery; Salmon Purse Seiners Union; Seining [fishing]; Solidarity; Strikes; Strike sales (herring, salmon); Trade unionism; Worker’s compensation; World War Two [WWII]; United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union [UFAWU]; Yugoslavia;

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