Peter Burton

Interviewed the Ken Novakowski

Peter Burton was born in Pembroke, Ontario, and worked for the Georgia Straight in Vancouver before going into the resource industry in northern BC. Peter was President of CASAW in 1976, when the Wildcat strike by Alcan smelter workers in Kitimat occurred in response to wage control legislation introduced by the federal government, under Pierre Trudeau.

Key Subjects: Alcan; Anti-Inflation Board; Arbitration; Arrests; Bargaining; Canadian Association of Smelter and Allied Workers [CASAW]; Canadian Confederation of Unions [CCU]; City of Toronto; Collective action; Collective bargaining; Eurocan Logging; First World War [WWI]; Georgia Straight [newspaper]; Illegal strike; Injunctions; Kitimat, BC; Kitimat wildcat strike [1976]; Labour history; Labour movement; Labour Relations Board [LRB]; Mischief [misdemeanour criminal charge]; Picket lines; Privatisation; Private sector unions; Quebec; Riot police; Royal Canadian Mounted Police [RCMP]; Strikes; Terrace, BC; Toronto, Ontario; Trade union movement; United Steelworkers [USW]; Vancouver, BC; Vancouver Committee to Aid American War Objectors; Vietnam war; Wage control; Wildcat strike

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