Sharon Yandle

Interviewee: Sharon Yandle

Date: April 19, 2016

Location: Vancouver, BC

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Key Subjects: Arbitration; Anti-War Movement; B.C. Federation of Labour [BC Fed]; B.C. Teachers’ Federation [BCTF]; Collective bargaining; Feminism; Hospital Employees Union [HEU]; Intersectionality; Labour education; Negotiating; New Democratic Party [NDP]; Sexual Harassment; Simon Fraser University [SFU]; Social Credit Party [SoCred]; Solidarity Movement [1983]; Strikes; University of Victoria [UVic]; Women’s issues; Women in labour; Women In Negotiations [WIN]; Women’s rights movement;

Sharon Yandle was born in 1941 in Vancouver, B.C. Raised in the East Side of Vancouver, Sharon spent the majority of her career as a freelance negotiator for various unions across the province, specializing in arbitration and “duty to accommodate”. She also taught labour relations and collective bargaining for a time at the University of Victoria.