Warren Williams

Interviewed by Rod Mickleburgh (recorded online)

Warren Williams’ labour activism came to him through his family, who has a deep connection to Canada’s black community. Warren’s uncle, Lee Williams, fought for equal employment rights for Canadian sleeping car porters, and the formation of the Order of Black Sleeping Car Porters when blacks were barred from membership in white railway unions. In this interview, Williams describes his family’s history and his own work experiences that led him to become the President of CUPE Local 15, one of the largest CUPE locals in Canada.

Winnipeg; Via Rail; Canadian National Railways; Canadian Pacific Railways; racism; CUPE Local 15; Lee Williams; Roy Williams; sleeping car porters; trains; Canadian Brotherhood of Railway Workers; Canadian Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters; John Diefenbaker; black history; Hogan’s Alley; Vie’s Chicken Shack; The Cave nightclub; City of Vancouver

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