Bibliography of labour resources

Sources for Researchers

Julia Smith, Ph.D., has prepared this valuable bibliography to guide those interested in learning more about BC labour history.

Download a PDF version:    Bibliography of primary and secondary sources.


Below is a list of journals that publish research on BC labour and working-class history:

BC Studies

– interdisciplinary journal devoted to the understanding of British Columbia

 Histoire Sociale/Social History

– historical journal focused on social history in a range of time periods and locations

International Labour and Working-Class History (ILWCH)

– comparative and cross-disciplinary journal focused on labour and working-class history in an international context

 Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas

– historical journal focused on a variety of issues related to the history of work and working people the professions

Labor History

– historical journal that publishes research on labour in all parts of the world and in a variety of time periods

Labour/Le Travail

– interdisciplinary journal primarily focused on the history of Canadian workers

Left History

– historical journal interested in a range of theoretical approaches and topics pertaining to the left

Pacific Northwest Quarterly

– historical journal focused on the northwestern United States and western Canada


Books provide useful overviews of broad topics. They also contain bibliographies that list other sources.

 Canadian Labour History

Black, Errol and Jim Silver. Building a Better World: An Introduction to Trade Unionism in Canada. Halifax and Winnipeg: Fernwood Publishing, 2008.

Gonick, Cy, Paul Phillips, and Jesse Vorst, eds. Labour Gains, Labour Pains: Fifty Years of PC 1003, edited by Winnipeg: Fernwood Publishing, 1995.

Heron, Craig. The Canadian Labour Movement: A Short History. 3rd ed. Toronto: Lorimer, 2010.

Morton, Desmond. Working People: An Illustrated History of the Canadian Labour Movement. 5th ed. Montréal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2007.

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Pentland, H. Clare. Labour and Capital in Canada, 1650–1860. Toronto: J. Lorimer, 1981.

Sangster, Joan. Transforming Labour: Women and Work in Post-war Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010.

BC Labour History

Brandak, Louise May George, Elaine Bernard, and Mark Thompson. A Guide to Labour Records and Resources in British Columbia. Vancouver: Special Collections Division, University of British Columbia, 1985.

Bennett, William.  Builders of British Columbia, by William Bennett, with a foreword by Malcolm Bruce Broadway Printers Vancouver, BC, 1937.

The Bank Book Collective. An Account to Settle: The Story of the United Bank Workers (SORWUC). Vancouver: Press Gang Publishers, 1979.   

Bush, Murray. Zindabad! B.C. Farmworkers’ Fight for Rights. Surrey, BC: Canadian Farmworkers Unions, 1995.

Carpenter Pensioners’ Association of British Columbia. Building British Columbia: The Story of the Carpenters’ Union and the Trade Union Movement since 1881. British Columbia: Carpenter Pensioners’ Association of British Columbia, 1979.

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Potrebenko, Helen. Two Years on the Muckamuck Line. Vancouver: Service, Office, and Retail Workers’ Union of Canada, 1981.

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Stainsby, Jill et al. AUCE and TSSU: Memoirs of a Feminist Union, 1972–1993. Burnaby, BC: Teaching and Support Staff Union Publishing, 1994.

Sufrin, Eileen. Where Angels Fear to Tread: Eileen Tallman and the Labor Movement. Edited by Wayne Roberts. Hamilton, ON: Labour Studies, McMaster University, 1981.

Webb, Patricia G. The Heart of Health Care: The First 50 Years: The Story of the Hospital Employees’ Union. Vancouver: Hospital Employees’ Union, 1994.

Wejr, Patricia, and Howie Smith. Fighting for Labour: Four Decades of Work in British Columbia, 1910–1950. Victoria, BC: Aural History Program, Provincial Archives of British Columbia, 1978.

Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations and theses are major research projects completed by graduate students as part of their Master’s and doctoral degrees. They can be extremely valuable resources that contain detailed research on topics of local and regional interest. Many theses and dissertations can be accessed online for free through university library websites. Library and Archives Canada also maintains a national database.

 Belshaw, John Douglas. “The Administration of Relief to the Unemployed in Vancouver during the Great Depression.” MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 1982.

Bernard, Elaine. “The Long Distance Feeling: A History of the Telecommunications Workers Union.” PhD diss., Simon Fraser University, 1988.

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Coneybeer, Ian Tom. “The Origins of Workmen’s Compensation in British Columbia: State Theory and Law.” MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 1991.

Gorter, Rob. “Wage Differentials and CPR Construction: An Analysis of Chinese Immigrant Labor in British Columbia, 1880–1885.” MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 1995.

Hak, Gordon Hugh. “On the Fringes: Capital and Labour in the Forest Economies of the Port Alberni and Prince George Districts, British Columbia, 1910–1939.” PhD diss., Simon Fraser University, 1986.

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Smith, Roy Alfred. “Vancouver Longshoremen, Resilient Solidarity and the 1935 Interruption: Company Unionism 1923–1945.” MA thesis: Simon Fraser University, 2013.

Sproule, Jane. “The Polarization of Okanagan Fruit Farming Communities and the 1955 Packing House Workers’ Strike.” MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 1991.

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Venables, Kenneth A. “The Making of Protective Labour Legislation in British Columbia: The 1912 Royal Commission on Labour and Its Aftermath.” MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 1996.

Williams, M. Jeanne Meyers. “Ethnicity and Class Conflict at Maillardville/Fraser Mills: The Strike of 1931.” MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 1982.

Labour History Collections & Archives

Documents, images and recordings are located at many archives and museums around BC. The following is a list of some of the institutions that have significant labour history collections of provincial importance.

Researchers are advised to consult local post-secondary institutions, museums and historical societies for more resources.

BC Archives (Royal BC Museum)

City of Vancouver Archives

Library and Archives Canada

Simon Fraser University

Of special note:  

Pacific Tribune Photo Collection at SFU

Women’s labour history interview collection at SFU (Sara Diamond interviewer)

Digitized issues of the BC Federationist, 1911-1925 (labour newspaper in Vancouver)

University of British Columbia

University of Victoria

Vancouver Public Library