Remembering Working People: Plaques Around the Province

Remembering Working People: Plaques Around the Province

Every community in this province has a story to tell about the role of working people in their struggles for a decent standard of living, safe working conditions and fundamental labour rights. Yet few of the historical markers scattered across BC pay tribute to those events and the working men and women involved in these stories.

Our “Remembering Working People: Plaques Around the Province” Project seeks to identify events, groups, individuals and places throughout the province that demonstrate the contributions of working people to the history of British Columbia.  We work with organizations, individuals or informal groups to commission and install bronze plaques in publicly accessible locations.

Our criteria includes, but is not strictly limited to:

  • Defining events, actions, episodes, movements, or experiences that played a significant role in the history of the labour movement and working people in British Columbia
  • Groups and individuals that made a lasting contribution to labour and working history
  • Places that hold a direct association with a significant aspect of BC or Canadian labour history

Nominators will be asked to raise a portion of the cost of producing the plaques and will need to obtain local governmental approval for their location. 

The BC LHC will arrange for the plaque’s production and will participate in a public unveiling with the planning group.  All plaques are cast in bronze by a union foundry, Ornamental Bronze Limited.

Click on the following documents for more information:
 Download the Project Description | Download a Nomination Form

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